The Wing operates marksmanship training at both a Squadron and Wing level, to train all participants how to safely operate a weapons system and how to improve on your marksmanship ability.

As a Wing we train cadets and staff on four different weapons systems:

  • – BSA Scorpion, Air Rifle
  • – L144 Cadet Small Bore Rifle
  • – L98 A2 General Purpose Cadet Rifle
  • – L81 Cadet Target Rifle

Generally cadets process through each weapon system, improving their weapons handling ability and marksmanship ability. This is rewarded with a number of different marksmanship badges. If cadets are interesting in further development in this area they should speak to their Squadron staff for more details.

Any Staff members who are interested in gaining shooting qualifications should either have a look on the shooting portal, ask one of the Wings Weapons Instructors or email the Wing Shooting Officer