Apprenticeship Pathway Opportunities

From OCW….

I’m delighted to announce that under the construct of the RAF Air Cadets Development Trust, South & East Midlands Wing have been selected to pilot a new and exciting initiative in signposting Air Cadets to possible apprenticeship opportunities within our local area and across a wide range of industries.

The Trust’s principal objective is to support Air Cadets (and young CFAVs) into employment, or vocational or academic tertiary-level training, including Apprenticeships. In partnership with the University of Northampton, we have been asked to bring together the human capital we have in our young people with local sources of employment and employment training, for which many of these employers are looking for the qualities & attributes that our Cadets develop during their time within the RAFAC. If successful, then its hoped that the model can be rolled out UK-wide in due course, however we go first!

Within SEMW, we have over 600 Cadets (c.40% of the Wing) that are aged 15yrs or over and I’m sure many would consider the apprenticeship route if suitable local opportunities were accessible. This pilot is all about signposting the Cadets to the first steps in finding those opportunities under the umbrella of their membership within the RAFAC.

It is up to each individual (eligible) Cadet to register their interest although Sqn’s are encouraged to permit the use of Sqn IT & time for interested Cadets to complete the next step.

Eligible Cadets (those in Y10 upwards) who wish to register an interest are requested to complete the following online survey by Mon 2 Oct 2017;

The data collated from the questionnaire will be collected by the Trust and shared with the University of Northampton who will then work with the Cadets, the Employer Engagement people, and employers themselves to match Cadets with potential sources of Apprenticeship training. Once a level of interest is confirmed, a briefing opportunity involving Cadets and potential employers will be facilitated. The idea is to create a virtuous circle which brings Cadets, employers and training-providers together in real time, cementing an employment relationship through individual Apprenticeship arrangements.

Please be reminded, this is a pilot scheme and therefore the process is somewhat subject to development and enhancement over time.

The below document (initial draft version) offers additional supporting information that will hopefully answer any initial questions Cadets &/or Parents may ask. The survey is also in draft version and therefore please excuse any obvious errors.

20170726-Air Cadets Flyer – South and East Midlands Wing

This pilot has been endorsed by Comdt AC and therefore I ask you seek to give this initiative maximum support.