Honours, Awards, Dinner and Dancing, what better way to celebrate with our Adult Volunteers

Members of staff, civilian committees and staff cadets from across the wing attended the Annual Dinner Dance to celebrate the many successes of the Wing thought this year.

Joining the Wing as principle guest were Group Captain Graham Bowerman OBE, Corps and Central & East Region Chairman, and Under Warden Professor Julian Ellis OBE, from
the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters. Since 2018 the Wing has been affiliated with the Worshipful Company and at the Dinner they introduced their new annual trophy, awarded to an outstanding member of staff. This year the award went to Flight Lieutenant Lawrence, Officer Commanding 2248 (Rutland) Squadron.

  • Squadron Leader Wilson being presented his 2nd clasp on his Cadet Forces' Medal

Following the after-dinner speeches, Wing Commander Pass presented a series of honours and awards to members within the Wing.

Squadron Leader Faulkner was presented a Commandant’s Commendation for the work he has done as Wing Health & Safety Officer. Squadron Leader Bates and Squadron Leader Wilson were presented their 2nd Clasp on their Cadet Forces’ Medal and
Flight Lieutenant Buckingham was promoted to Squadron Leader.

The Wing Warrant Officer, WO Chisholm also presented the WO’s Above and Beyond award to Sergeant Chouhan in recognition of his continued hard work and success at 1947 (Birstall) Squadron.